Sean Doody is a doctoral student of sociology at George Mason University who studies political economy, technology, and right-wing radicalism. His dissertation focuses on how right-wing radicals utilize the internet, technology, and digital platforms to disseminate their political messages and gain influence, with an emphasis on the contradictory use of myth and rationality in legitimizing their staunchly inegalitarian political objectives.

His research uses a mixture of computational and qualitative methods, especially Python and its supported data science packages, as well as digital ethnography, social network analysis, and a variety of text and content analytics, including natural language processing and sentiment analysis.

Sean’s research has been published in Sociology Compass, featured in an academic encyclopedia, and presented at scholarly conferences. He is a recipient of the Provost’s Presidential Scholarship, works as a Graduate Research Assistant at the Center for Social Science Research, and serves as President of the Public Sociology Association.