I am a sociology Ph.D. candidate at George Mason University studying political economy, science and technology, platform politics, and digital cultures

My dissertation research focuses on the epistemological challenges and sociopolitical conflicts surrounding the rise of autonomous political and epistemic communities online. As a mixed methods sociologist, I use computational social science tools—particularly natural language processing and quantitative text analytics—in conjunction with qualitative methods and critical theory to study and scrutinize eclectic digital data and processes.

I have certificates in applied data science and machine learning in Python, and am currently completing training in neural networks and deep learning.

✉️ sdoody@gmu.edu

Recent Publications

Doody, Sean. 2020. “Reactionary Technopolitics: A Critical Sociohistorical Review.” Fast Capitalism 17(1): 143–164.

Doody, Sean, and Jesse Goldstein. 2017. “The Work-Life Balance.” Pp. 324-327 in The American Middle-Class: An Economic Encyclopedia of Progress and Povertyedited by Robert Rycroft. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO/Greenwood.

Doody, Sean, Victor Tan Chen, and Jesse Goldstein. 2016. “Varieties of Entrepreneurial Capitalism: The Culture of Entrepreneurship and Structural Inequalities of Work and Business Creation.” Sociology Compass 10(10):858-76.